Hi to all the Ps & Qs Sashiko, Boro enthusiasts.

Saturday the 25th January was the first get together of the Sashiko/Boro stitching enthusiasts, whose work will soon be finished and seen in the group quilts project. What a great and productive day we had, with the first time stitchers really having a fun time learning the Sashiko stitching process. Some even finished their pieces on the day.

I was pleasantly surprised to see some completed blocks already from the experienced stitchers which really encouraged the first timers . We then had time to see Japanese themed Lino cut printing, which I will be incorporating into my Sashiko and Boro pieces.

I look forward to seeing the results of the day's work at club day on the 5th Feb. I am hoping I will have some supplies, such as Chaco paper, thread and needles to sell on the day also. Let me know if you would like anything.

Hopefully we will have another get together in February, especially for those who missed out this time, I would love to see you.