Quilting fun in Cape Town

by Jun 1, 2018News1 comment

As some of you know, Glen and I recently took some time off to participate in an exploratory cruise from Argentina to Cape Town, South Africa. We had a wonderful time visiting with penguins, seals, albatross and many more furred and feathered friends.

But a highlight of my trip was to finally meet up with the ladies in Cape Town who participated in our block swap a few years ago. Felicity Khan (the Cape Town coordinator) and I had become very good online friends as we organised mailings back and forth. Felicity and all of the ladies greeted me so warmly, I felt I had been a part of their group for years.

Here is a group photo – Siska is taking the picture…

Cape Town quilting group

Here is a gallery of photos of their quilts made out of the blocks we provided during the block swap:

Siska Dart and her husband, Peter, met us in Cape Town and we had a wonderful 5 days as they showed us around the area. Of course, fabric is always a highlight. Siska took me to the factory outlet for DaGama fabric. Have a look at these beauties:

We also went to the factory outlet for Carole Nevins fabric. They were kind enough to give us a tour of the factory so we were able to see their screen printing operation.

Have a look at my blog (Carole Nevin Design Studio visit) for more information. Here is a piece I bought to make a bag:









One of the quilting ladies, Jo Tyers has a company (now run by her son) which makes religious vestments with an African flavour. She gave Siska and I a tour of their operation. Some of you may have received blocks by Jo using some of the designs used on their products. Does this look familiar?

Siska and I will have some of our fabrics with us at the June meeting. Look forward to seeing you there!