Our 2016 Quilt-In a great success

by Oct 6, 2016News1 comment

The hall responded well to our colourful theme of Tribal. The block swap quilts from the Beltana Quilt Group, from Constantia, Cape Town, South Africa, absolutely sparkled, the Tribal Colours Raffle quilt hung proudly on stage, and the other relevant textiles around the room made our theme come to life.

The Quilt In committee, and some other friends contributed with enough placemats in the Tribal theme, for every quilter to have a placemat as our gift to take home.

The lovely response to this information brought forth oohhs and ahhs, to gladden the heart.

We had 119 attendees who stitched and laughed their way through the day, Judy Robinson Whitty entertained us with games, lucky draws, and door prizes, which continued all day. We must thank all the kind contributors for the amazing amount of prizes, Judy wrapped her little fingers off!

Morning and afternoon tea was a great hit, food flowed all day. Thank you to all the cooks who contributed. Robyn was our food monitor.

The venue was well suited for a Quilt-In

Our traders in the Market Bazaar were kept busy, they included Sue’s Stitches, Lily Patches, Leslie Edwards, and Andrea Taylor. What an interesting lot of traders, all contributing to the overall colourful and wonderful day.

Our speaker, Glenys Mann, shared her love of Ikat weaving from Flores, and island off Sumatra, Glenys told of her awe in the simplistic methods used to achieve these amazing and intricate patterns. A lot of the weavings Glenys showed us were dyed with natural dyes, sourced from the plants and spices, in some cases, from the local area. Glenys also showed some pieces of very colourful textiles from southern India, all hand pieced from recycled clothing, the kantha stitching enhanced these bed cover pieces. Glenys left her pieces out to be looked at and admired, and lots of folks came up for closer inspections.

The mini quilt challenge created another focus of interest, this was a Viewer’s Choice vote. And the winner was- Leslie Edwards. With her piece titled-Village Women. Leslie was awarded a voucher donated by Glenys Mann for her Fibre Arts Forum, which allows the recipient a deduction on their attendance at a Fibre Arts Forum. Leslie’s comment when she opened her envelope was “I’ve been stalking you”.

Glenys also donated another voucher as a door prize, this recipient has altered her departure time for a caravan holiday so she can attend the Winter School in July!
A second speaker, Jenny Watson, told us about her work in the remote community of Ramingining, Arnhem Land in the NT. It's an indigenous community approximately 560 km east of Darwin. Jenny had crafts to show us from the area.

Our Show and Tell brought forth the lovely pieces it usually does, more oohs and ahhs through the room.

The draw for the Tribal Colours raffle quilt was held towards the end of the afternoon, and there were many sad people who hung on their ticket being drawn. But alas, no bananas for them. The quilt went to a lady in Mt Waverly, Jennifer Anjani, whose mother, Catherine Archer, bought the ticket for her, unknown to Jennifer. So, we will present the quilt to Catherine Archer, a P&Q member on 1st October, at the next meeting day. I wonder if the rightful winner will see the quilt? Watch out Catherine, there are many who could rob or hijack you for this one!

The committee worked so well and are a credit to their creativity, energy, and enthusiasm. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
So our Quilt-In drew to a close with many happy folk saying they had had a wonderful day. Roll on the next Quilt-In, may it be the success this one has been.

Fran Batrouney and Quilt-In Committee Extraordinaire