Our May SA&C meeting was a lovely day... there was a bit of sewing, a smidge of arty-stuff, and a massive serving of chat... plus a delicious  shared lunch.

In this month's free workshop attendees unleashed their inner artists, using fusible webbing and free-form scissoring to explore shape, colour and negative space. As you can see, the results were as individual as the women  who made them.



Our small quilt challenge theme this month, Sunflowers, brought a touch of summer to the room:

Sunflowers2    Sunflowers3

Sunflowers4    Sunflowers1

We are suspending these monthly challenges for the next couple of months as we concentrate on our Sew, Art & Chat group project for the upcoming Ps&Qs exhibition. We are all making tiny (6" x 9") art quilts, loosely connected by the theme, Colours of Australia. This is intentionally non-specific, to encourage individuals to be creative and have some fun. Eventually, we will attach all the mini quilts to a backing and add embellishments and found objects to create a non-traditional offering for the exhibition.

Any Ps&Qs member is most welcome to participate in the project.