Sew, Art & Chat – 2018 Schedule

by Feb 15, 2018News

Hi All!

Welcome back for 2018.

There will be a couple of changes for the 2018 season of Sew, Art & Chat…

First, we will no longer be holding shared lunches. Everyone should bring their own lunch but we will still eat together and utilise the opportunity to have Show and Tell as well as challenge sharing.

Second, we are re-instituting the challenge. Each month a topic will be given for a challenge block. The topics will also be available on each event page on the website and in a blog post on the website. The block size can be anything from 12 ½ inch square on up. It is what you are comfortable with. We will be doing 9 challenge topics over the year. At the end of that time, you can put your blocks together in a quilt if you want so choose your colours accordingly. The first challenge topic is “Chocolate Box” to be shown at the March meeting.

Now to reveal our workshops for 2018 (drum roll please…)

February 11 – Play Day (no instructor)

All of the sun dyes and fabric paints will be taken out of the cupboard and you can do whatever you want with them. Remember to bring the fabric you want to paint and dye. Please also bring some newspaper to put under your work area to protect the tables.

Sew, Art & Chat Challenge for this month is "Chocolate Box".

March 11 – Pig Pen’s Party with Jann Haggart

Relive your muddy days of childhood. Learn how to paint fabric with mud!!! Jann will take you through the process to create your own unique designs.

Sew, Art & Chat Challenge for this month is "Buns".

April 15 – Save the Earth Day

The Sew, Art & Chat team will take you through making community Boomerang bags and reusable bowl covers. Boomerang bags are reusable shopping bags which are being placed in supermarkets for people who forget their fabric bag. Do your bit to be ecologically aware! Any extra Boomerang bags made will be donated to a participating council.

Sew, Art & Chat Challenge for this month is "Fool".

May 13 – Give it Your Best Shot with Lyn Cooper

Experiment with different methods of transferring photos to fabric.

Sew, Art & Chat Challenge for this month is "Cool Winds".

June 10 – The Fly with Leslie Edwards

Have fun stitching into fly wire to make three dimensional objects.

Sew, Art & Chat Challenge for this month is "June Bugs".

July 15 – Beads, beads, beads with Judith Hicks

Judith will teach us several different ways to make beads. These beads can be used to enhance your quilts. Judith also has a mountain of others possible uses.

Sew, Art & Chat Challenge for this month is "Fireworks".

August 12 – Giving the Old Bag a Facelift with Lyn Cooper

Make an art quilt using old teabags! We love to recycle so get on board using up something we all have a lot of!

Sew, Art & Chat Challenge for this month is "Flying Geese".

September 9 – Stamp on It! With Judith Hicks

Learn how to make your own stamps to use when creating your art quilts or unique fabric.

Sew, Art & Chat Challenge for this month is "New Beginnings/Spring".

October 14 – Zip It! With Janine Winchcombe

Learn how to put a zipper in a bag by making a small zippered bag with Janine. After making about a hundred of these bags for Jann’s table at the Exhibition, Janine is a whiz!

Sew, Art & Chat Challenge for this month is "Spring Carnival".

November 11 – Mission Possible with the entire committee

Participate in a challenge in a day. Challenge will be set on the day. Sewing machines are recommended but not required if you prefer to hand sew.

Mark your calendars with the dates you find interesting. We’re looking forward to a fun and interesting year.

Remember, if you do not wish to participate in the workshop, you can still bring your sewing and enjoy a day of companionship.