The September Sew, Art and Chat had everyone in creative mode with a scarf making class using water soluble fabric and bits of yarn and felt. The hall had plenty of space for everyone to spread out their creations. The colour combinations were as varied as the people. As you will see by the pictures, each design is unique.

The scarf making process is quite simple. Lay out the yarn creatively on the water soluble fabric, cover with another piece of water soluble fabric. To hold it together, sew the scarf using a regular sewing machine.


Then it was time for the great reveal! Wash off the water soluble fabric and you are left with a scarf. All agreed, it was a very creative project…

The challenge set for the month was to make a 12 inch elephant quilt. Once again we had some very creative entries.

Those not participating in the scarf making worked on their individual projects or caring and sharing. With plenty of room to spread out, you can achieve a lot in the day. A fun time was had by all.

The October challenge is to make a 12 inch quilt using an architectural theme (door, window, building…) and utilise textured fabrics supplied by Sarah Quilter. If you would like to undertake the challenge but were not at the September Sew, Art and Chat, Sarah will have fabrics to select from at the October General Meeting on October 4.

Next meeting is on October 12th at the Box Hill Senior Citizen’s Centre. Admission is $5.00. Bring a plate to share for lunch.