92 members attended the February 2020 meeting, with 10 apologies and 5 visitors. Lilly Patches was our Trader for February, and the funds raised from the February raffle were donated to the Bush Fire Appeal.  Members took the opportunity to catch up after the holiday break, and there was lots of interest in the goodies at the Lilly Patches stall and on the Trading Table.

The meeting included a very interesting display by Dymphna Anderson of how 2 pieces of timber ("sticks"/noodles) can be used to simplify the quilt sandwiching and basting process.  Dymphna's demonstration made the process look really straightforward. I know many participants were anxious to get home to give it a try.

Leslie Edwards shared her dyeing experiences  and displayed a large variety of dyed fabrics resulting from many different dyeing processes.  I was able to catch some of them in the photos displayed below.

Thank you Leslie for such an interesting and informative session.  I'm sure your planned workshops will be a lot of fun and create some striking fabric.

As usual, members enjoyed the display of special projects in the Show and Tell Session.  Some of these can be seen in detail in the gallery shown below. 

Clearly members and friends continued to sew enthusiastically over the break, and a number of lovely quilts were provided to Caring and Sharing this month.  The gallery below shows a number of these. 

I am sorry for the delay in publishing this report: computer issues strike when we least expect them!

Happy sewing until March.

Kerry Canty