The August meeting incorporates both the August monthly and annual general meetings. 87 members and 7 visitors attended the August monthly meeting.  The shop was provided by The Quilters Patch which offered a very interesting range of patterns and fabrics.   

The August speaker was Linda Collins, well known to the members from her work with Quilts in the Barn. Linda displayed a stunning range of quilts: some were antique quilts and there were also a large number created by Linda.

The meeting expressed sincere thanks to Alison Nixon for the wonderful work she has done in coordinating the work of members in  producing such a large number of quality quilts for those in need. Caring and Sharing quilts displayed at the August meeting are shown in the gallery below.

The monthly meeting concluded with the display of members special projects in our Show and Tell session: 

The Annual Meeting followed the August meeting which 84 members. Congratulations were extended to members awarded their Long Service Badges:

30 years: Jann Haggert, Margot Kemke, Elizabeth Henderson and Robyn Nankervis

20 years: Yvonne Beckingham, Marie Higgs, Merilyn Watts

10 years: Margaret Banks, Elaine Maslen, Valerie Musgrove, Marlene Ogden, Pamela Smart and June Wilson

The President thanked the outgoing committee for their hard work and the important contribution they made to the Guild. All positions were declared vacant and the Office bearers and committee members for 2018/9 were elected and declared:

President  Lee Hanmer           Secretary  Emma Sampson        Treasurer  Bernie Murphy

Committee: Fran Cox, Susan Lehane, Sharon    Dan Palm

Kerry Canty