95 members and 6 visitors attended the April meeting. The meeting featured trading tables organised by individual members and also for Caring and Sharing. Jan Preston was the April speaker with her exhibition of textile art pieces. Jan explained some of the reasons behind, and the techniques adopted, for the creation of these unique pieces which represent memories of her father-in-law Wilfred Preston and his friend Will White and wife Halinka. The photo gallery below includes photos of some these pieces. Thank you Jan for sharing your memories and creative journey with us.

PUPs this meeting was run by Fran B who shared a variety of patterns for making a red poppy. The basket shows some of the poppies completed at this April meeting.

Judy also illustrated some festive hats which could be worn to celebrate our 40th birthday in May.





Members continue to produce excellent quilts for Caring and Sharing.  Many of these are shown in the gallery below:

Our meeting concluded with our regular feature - a display of members special projects. Some of these are shown below.:

I am sure you are all looking forward to celebrating our 40th birthday next meeting.  Remember your glad rags and table decorations.  Kerry Canty