Ps&Qs update – Covid-19 / Coronavirus

by Mar 19, 2020News

You will all be aware that the coronavirus pandemic is currently affecting our community.

Our Guild has many members in higher risk categories (of older age and/or with existing health conditions). Therefore, it is really important that we take public health advice seriously.

Ivalda management have closed the venue for at least two months. In line with this, the Ps and Qs Committee has decided to cancel all Guild events until the end of June. This will of course be regularly reviewed and either reduced or extended in line with current safety advice.

During this time, we will increase the e-news, Facebook postings and website to keep you updated and prevent you from getting bored. Again, if you know someone who does not have social media, please buddy up with them to keep them advised.

As always, take care of yourself and of each other.

Patchworkers & Quilters Guild Committee