93 members and 3 visitors braved the heat to attend the March Guild meeting. There were also 20 apologies. A wonderful range of patterns, fabrics and other items was provided by Lilly Patches. (For more detail check out the website at lillypatches.com.au)

Margaret Rolfe was the speaker and members enjoyed viewing the wide range of quilts Margaret shared with members. We were fascinated to hear the stories behind Margaret's original designs and use of color and fabrics: her significant contribution to the development of Australian themes in design and execution is highly valued.  We thank Margaret for allowing us to display some of her quilts here.

Members' contributions to the creation of quilts for sharing with individuals and groups in need has continued throughout the holiday period.  The photos below give an indication of the industriousness and skill of these generous people.

The meeting concluded with a display of members' special projects.

Remember to keep working on your quilts and boutique items for the Exhibition in September.

Until the April meeting,

Kerry Canty