Kindred Creatures by Laurel Burch

12 Projects for Applique and Embellishment.


I first discovered Laurel Burch in the 1970’s. At the time she was a local (San Francisco) jewellery designer with lovely images of birds and chubby cats. I still have several pieces of her work which I treasure.

Many years after her jewellery became famous, she moved into homewares – cushions, upholstery fabric. It seems a natural progression that she would move into quilting fabric. Her delightful designs have been on the fabric market for over 25 years. Her colours are bright and her creatures are fanciful.

This book is a tribute to her best known creatures and uses them in bright, cheerful wall hangings.

What you may not know is that Laurel died in 2007 of complications from osteoporosis. She spent much of her last years in a wheelchair continuing to design to the end. I find her a personal inspiration and hope that you too will find that this book brings joy to your quilting.

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