Showcase - Ps & Qs Group Quilts Have Their Day(s)

It seemed as if it would never happen, but finally the last weekend of July arrived, and Ps&Qs was a featured guild at Showcase. We tried to get a balance of styles in our member quilts on display… hugely helped by the wondrous variety of our group quilts.
People were drawn from afar by the unexpectedness of the group quilt display, and stayed to look and enjoy the individual gems.

Ps & Qs Group Quilts on display at Showcase:

A selection of Ps & Qs Showcase quilts:

The blue & white challenge quilts captured a lot of attention, and there was a degree of good-natured debate about the relative merits of traditional vs contemporary quilts as displayed in our area.

Showcase "Blue and White" quilts:

A big thank you to our members who gave their time to setting things up, and (wo)manning our table and packing up our display. They handed out massive numbers of information postcards and Quilt-In flyers. We can expect quite a few visitors and perhaps some new members over the coming months.

The journey continues... our group quilts will be on display at the Gembrook "Everything Patchwork & Quilting" event on Saturday 3rd September.