Free Style Quilts: A "No Rules" Approach by Susan Carlson

: A "No Rules" ApproachFor those of you who have a stash of scraps and would like to put them to use in a collage, Susan Carlson has some great ideas for you. She calls it a “no rules” approach to collage.

Many of the projects Susan provides in the book are of fish. They are small, manageable sized quilts so you can try out the process and see if it speaks to you. I love the finished result which utilises the pattern on the fabric to give life to various parts of the fish.

Fabric pieces are cut freehand and arranged within the outline of the fish. Pieces are glued together to create the entire fish before making a background. You are then free to choose a background suitable to your fish. Many of Susan’s backgrounds are pieced. She then uses free motion quilting to provide another dimension to the piece. It makes the fish come alive on the quilt.

A terrific book for the adventurous quilter.

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