Cultural Fusion Quilts: A Melting Pot of Piecing Traditions by Sujata Shah

Divine Wonkiness... Perhaps Perfection is Overrated

Sujata Shah is an inspired and inspiring designer. Born in Mumbai, she moved to the USA in the 1990s where she discovered a love of quilting. Shah’s designs fuse the styles of her native India with American folk art and Amish quilting, and particularly embrace the cheerful anarchy of the Gees Bend quilters.

This is about template-free cutting and pin-free stitching. The emphasis is on imperfection and irregularities and divine wonkiness. While that may sound daunting to some, others will be liberated from the chains of line-up-failure.

The results are supposed to be unpredictable. If you run out of a fabric, “borrow from a neighbour” (that’s a neighbour on the colour wheel … Run out of red? Grab some orange… No more blue? Bung in some green). Shah says that, “running out of fabric is an excellent opportunity to be creative and brainstorm about design”.

Shah teaches a simple stack, cut, shuffle, and stitch technique that makes the sewing fun for quilters of any level, and also makes every quilt a one-of-a-kind creation. No two are ever alike. She advocates using some non-traditional fabrics and adds that, “With a little pull here and a tug there, every quilt has its own identity”.

There are fifteen quilt designs in this lovely, liberating book, along with some inspired layout variations, and my fingers just itch to stitch a few wonky masterpieces.

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