Showcase is a big event on the quilting calendar, and I’m sure many of us enjoy wandering around the fabulous quilt displays. Few have had the chance (or perhaps, the nerve) to have something of ours actually displayed. We have come up with a plan that will change that situation for Ps & Qs members.

Colours of Australia Group Quilt

Colours of Australia Group Quilt

As one of the featured quilting groups at next year’s Showcase, we have space allocated for a (non-judged) display of our members’ quilts. Clearly there isn’t room for everyone to contribute a full sized quilt. However, we plan to create a series of group quilts – thematically linked collections of miniature quilts, attached to an embellished background, to become a single, fascinating work.

This is not a brand new concept for the Guild. Our Sew Art & Chat group recently finished a group quilt themed Colours of Australia. We were absolutely thrilled with the result - as you can see from the photo, it really ended up as more than the sum of its parts.

The Groups:

Initially, we have identified eight loosely defined interest groups to interact and share skills: Applique, Art Quilts, Crazy Quilting, Fabric Postcards, Modern Quilts, Paper Piecing, Shibori/Boro/Indigo/Japanese, Traditional Blocks. Don’t be put off if your style isn’t mentioned. As I said, this is a loose definition. There is room for every work from every quilter.


The Size/s:

Caloundra Quilt Show postcard quilts

Caloundra Quilt Show postcard quilts

The size of the mini quilts doesn’t have to be completely consistent, but a rough guide is about 6 x 10 inches (15 x 25 cm), either portrait or landscape, as desired by the quilter. In some cases people may choose a square format, or a slightly larger size, that’s fine too, though it’s probably a good idea to keep the pieces smaller than 12 inches to allow many contributions on each group quilt. Plus smaller quilts take less time to finish – always a bonus!




The Theme:

The theme is Four Elements - Water Air Earth Fire. Groups may choose whether to represent all, or to focus on one or two of the elements. The theme is purposely vague so that it can supply some level of cohesion, whilst allowing as much individuality as possible. You can approach this from a variety of perspectives, whether literal and pictorial, or abstract and hue-based our only rule is to create as few rules as possible.

We urge every Ps & Qs member to take part. New quilters, please don’t hold back because you’re new. The groups will be led by very experienced people, and we’ll be offering skills days and tutorials, which will be available to all members.

Ideally the group quilt should contain around 30 mini quilts. Some people will make more than one mini (it's quite addictive once you see how quickly they are finished!), some might contribute to more than one group quilt. At least one quilt from every contributor will make it onto a group quilt. Yes, there will be a variety of skill levels, but somehow this doesn't matter when you view the whole together.

This is a long term project. All quilts must be fully assembled by June next year. You can sign on to the groups of your choice at the October and November meetings, and you will be able to interact with your various groups at the February, March, April and May meetings. Even if you can’t make it to a meeting, you are welcome to take part. Sign in to the Members’ section to see contact details for the various sub groups, and to ask questions or comment on the dedicated Forum

I really hope everyone will have a go at this – it really is fun, just ask one of the Sew Art and Chat members.