2019 Members Retreat Wrap Up

by Dec 4, 2019News

New venue, new date, new experiences, and a fabulous time was had by all. The new venue was unanimously voted as a winner! The weather was appalling; but at least we did not need to feel guilty about being inside, cosy and warm and sewing. There was hail on the way up to the Retreat and there was pretty much constant rain on Saturday. Sunday was intermittent rain, so a few brave souls managed to enjoy a brisk walk in the lovely bush surrounds.

On the whole, there were lots of good reasons to be inside stitching. The food was delicious and constant; the bedrooms and bedding were cosy and having en-suite bathrooms was a treat –no hopping on one foot trying to keep the bottom of your pant dry whist trying to pull them on.

It was great that all attendees were in the same room for our activities; whilst still having the opportunity to have move to other areas when desired. Being in the same area, it was wonderful to see members helping each other with ideas forgotten supplies and skills, working and laughing together, being inspired and mentoring each other.

The parade of dress-ups was a hoot. We had a bunny carrying her cotton tail, a lumberjack, a variety of fairies, a where’s Wally fairy, and a bad-ass fairy –tats and all, a unicorn, a magician, elves, including Big Ears, Eve and her tree of knowledge, complete with snake and apple.

We are still in discussion with Lyrebird Park management as to the date of next year’s Retreat. So keep your pens poised and we’ll let you know as soon as we get a confirmation from Lyrebird Park management.

The railing seen through the windows are on the balcony that surrounds the big room ideal for sitting outside on warm days.

Don’t forget to bring what you created at the Retreat to the December meeting for Show and Tell.